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PHP5.3 Update and Joomla Websites

27 Aug 2012

PHP5.3 has been around for a while now, but most server owners and administrators (hosting companies for most people) have only changed over to PHP5.3 now. This has caused the following errors for some people, and although we have future proofed most of our clients sites, some older sites, or those without ongoing work may have slipped through the gaps. We are also aware this change may affect other web developers, and want to provide a few tips for everyone to get through this change, something which only really happens every 18-36 months.


Google AdWords - Getting The Top Result

08 Aug 2012

There is a lot of talk of Google AdWords. Some swear by it, others say it is throwing money away and doesn't work. The truth is, it does work, it just depends on what sort of business you are in. One thing that can be said about Google AdWords is that it nearly always provides a major return on investment (ROI) when setup and  administrated properly.


New Lower Prices!

Smith and Wise are very proud to announce our prices are now lower than ever. Our new effective prices as of today, the 15th of July 2012 for all our clients are:

.ie / .eu Domain Names only €52.00 p/a,

including no registration fees!

.com Domain Names only €32.00 p/a,

including no registration fees!
(Also applies to .net / .org / .info domain names). Domain Names only €45.00 p/a,

including no registration fees!


Our Data Security

08 Mar 2012

There has been a lot of talk of data security lately. Most cases arrise from typical targets - law enforcement agencies, large corporations or governing / interest bodies with non-populist opinion. The attacks which are carried out against these organisations are almost unavoidable, but certainly there are steps which can be taken. There generally is a few steps every company can take, and below is our own data protection and storage proceedures, not to say our systems are impossible to breach, but rather to say, commonsense and simple technology can do a lot of good:

  • All new details supplied by clients is treated as confidential, and is encrypted in storage when compiled.
    We will destroy original communications if requested to do so, or if the data, we feel, is vulnerable by nature or active threats.

  • All backups are entirely encrypted.
    We encrypt all backup disks and online backups to 128-512bit standards (which is above the grade used by many banking organisations). We just feel this gives simple piece of mind to all involved.

  • All data which has been seen to be vulnerable, is destroyed using 35 pass encryption.
    If we feel data is no longer required and is vulnerable to be misused in future, we destroy it, especially personal or financial information.

  • We don't allow access to our computers to unauthorised people.
    Unless its work related and supervised, no access is granted to third parties. We take basic, confidental security precautions on all computer equipment.

  • We are careful with data.
    We have a strict lock down policy. If a client requests their financial information or a technology related to it we need to talk to them face to face. We don't allow files to be carried unencrypted by any staff member, even HTML files, with no economical use to hackers is encrypted. We only issue data to clients which they are expecting, and always make them aware of potential security risks associated with them not safely storing such data themselves.



08 Mar 2012

New Service Alert:

SafeSubmit is a new service from Smith and Wise where we can take any website, and properly submit your website details to search engines including Google in a manner which is totally risk free.

Through a combined use of open source and commercial submission tools we have helped clients to increase website traffic by over 60%. It is a solution which really works, and our competitors try to pass off as being complex and costly. We however, offer an excellent service for a fraction of this cost, because we know that helping to grow your business, will help to grow ours.


Your Domain Is Safe - 10 Year Price Guarantee

07 Mar 2012

Blog | Smith and Wise | Website Development - Online Marketing - Creative Agency

Renew your domain names now for up to 10 years, and avoid international price inflation, and worrying about losing your domain, as well as saving some money along the way. Payments are made in full, not held, so it means once paid, your domain is secured for as long as you’ve paid for.


Google Analytics - Features Breakdown

14 Jan 2012

Google Analytics enables you to monitor who is visiting your website and see what they are using your website for, in turn, that helps companies like Smith and Wise to optimise you site for sales by developing website content, re-ordering features and speeding up important elements of your site so they are accessible across multiple formats, including desktop and mobile browsers.


New Client: - Gough Bros

05 Jan 2012

Smith and Wise is proud to launch the new Gough Bros website, Gough Bros is Ireland's top supplier of car wash solutions and products. Our work included a complete redesign, content management system integration and graphic design, as well as online marketing and product listings. Check out the new Gough Bros website here.


Happy New Year

01 Jan 2012

Happy New Year from all at Smith and Wise


Communication is Key

28 Dec 2011

A client of mine recently asked me how they could reduce costs involved in updating their website. I examined all the facts and then asked them if they wanted to know the truth?


Putting A Value On Web Work

20 Dec 2011

Now it's the end of 2011, it is a good time to reflect on the year in business online. There have been great developments with companies like Facebook looking towards having a $5 billion income this year, and several Irish companies including looking to cash in on the next wave of social interaction with the internet, by offering something more to people.


New Client: The Bianconi Inn

19 Dec 2011

We are very proud to announce our new client, The Bianconi has recently launched their new website at Our complete redesign included a rebranding of their online booking system as well as a complete content management system and hosting and domain name services.


Free Adwords Accounts

03 Dec 2011

Smith and Wise is pleased to announce that for only €35 we can get you advertising with Google, with €35 free credit (enough to last for a month!). This offer is limited to only 3 clients, so if you want to get advertising online, get in touch.


Synchronise Files Across Multiple Devices

14 Nov 2011

We are all focused on becoming more efficient these days, and technology can both speed things up and slow us down. For a long time, sharing files between multiple computers, or several people in an organisation has been one of lifes experiences best forgotten.


Online Shopping - We're Open For Your Business

05 Oct 2011

Yippee! We have a new online shopping solution called Shopify now.

Check out to see what we can do!

Alternatively, click here to find out more.


Host A Website - For Free

11 Jul 2011

I get asked a lot by friends and family members how to cheaply setup and run self build websites. It's not always the easiest thing to explain that hosting does cost cold, hard, cash, normally at least €50 a year, then you need to add on €10-€30 a year for a domain name to go on top of that. However, there is a cheaper, simple way to get around atleast the hosting costs.


Data Backup - Never Lose A File Again!

10 Jul 2011

We are very proud to announce that we will be offering full Online Backup and Restore systems to our clients from next month. Starting from as little as €99 for a once off installation we will ensure your critical data is totally secured. This means you no longer need to worry about losing private, personal, financial or business information is fully backed up, should you need it at a later date.To register your interest in these services, please contact us at or 086 1780 743


Blocking Websites - First Hand Experience

01 Jul 2011

We are all guilty of it, browsing around aimlessly for hours without any real benefit to our company, organisation or even, in earlier days, our school or college work, however this can all change, and leading from the top seems to be the way forward.



How Much Does A Website Cost

16 Jun 2011

The most painful of all websites with clients is "How Much Does A Website Cost" - there never seems to be a fair answer, for either party. Often website designers are forced into a corner of, well I only have X amount, what can you do - our answers are never thought inspiring - but we do try our best.



Why Do Website Professionals...

25 May 2011

This is something I have been thinking about for quite a while, as a degree student of business management (and enterprise) and a website developer - why do Web Professionals act in certain ways, and what effect does this have on their clients, other suppliers and the perception of the industry as a whole. Some of my thoughts, although controversial to some, follow.



Facebook Marketing - Getting The Balance Right

18 May 2011

I keep on getting asked whether people should bring their business onto Facebook, and if it will actually work - both difficult questions to answer - both almost impossible to provide previous proof for.



New Client Website Featured In Local Press

28 Apr 2011

Smith and Wise is proud to announce the launch of our new client's website, - The Churchtown Business Association.


Below is an article which appeared in the Dundrum Gazette on the 28th April 2010

A new website for CBA THE Churchtown Business Association has launched a brand new website. According to the organisation, the new site will allow local residents in the area, and those outside the area, to log onto the CBA site and contact local business for information on shops/stores/restauranst/ pubs/motors/ services/tradesmen and many other categories before making that purchasing decision.

The theme of this new formed Churchtown Business Association is, Think Local, Think Churchtown. The new site can be found on www.churchtown. ie This association is supported by DLR County Council, DLR Enterprise Board and DLR Chamber of Commerce.


To find out more, please go to:


Online Gambling - The End?

20 Apr 2011

Ok, a little over the top, but certainly the fall of sites including Full Tilt Poker, an employer-in-kind of 700 people in Cherrywood, Dublin is currently under investigation by the FBI in the US for failing to pay taxes, money laundering, bank fraud and god knows what else.



Online Purchases - Leverage Dangers

13 Apr 2011

Buying online is great, and offers great value at times. It can also offer awful value at other times, when shopping abroad. Why is this, and why can something cost twice as much in the US one week, in comparison to the next? Let us explore and explain to save you several financial headaches.


New Client - Systematic Security

20 Mar 2011

We are very proud to announce the launch of a new website for our client, Sytematic Security Solutions. Systematic are one of Ireland's leading independent security firms and we really enjoyed developing an early web presense for their brand. We hope to grow with them into the future. Please visit their website at for more information on their company.

Email Marketing

07 Mar 2011

Email marketing can be a confusing thing for those not in the know - something we just figured out by going it alone. Most agencies tend to outsource their email marketing solutions - it is a lot more expensive, but does save a lot of time. There are, however, limitations to such solutions, including data protection and the retention of rights to use content.


New Client - Daly Kitchen Appliances

03 Mar 2011

We are very proud to announce the launch of a new website for our client, Daly Kitchen Appliances. The new website development includes a content management system, full redesign, Google Analytics, online marketing and eventual launch of a Facebook Marketing campaign. To check out the new Daly Kitchen Appliances website, go to


Upswing In Online Marketing Spends

16 Feb 2011

Just a quick blog post to mention that we are seeing a massive upswing in online marketing spends. This seems to be due to the lack of budgets for offline spends in traditional advertising. From asking several of our clients, we have received the following comments, hopefully they will be of use to others in the industry:


Happy Christmas From Smith and Wise

22 Dec 2010

If you didn't already get our Christmas e-Card, here is is below.

Hope you all have a very Merry Christmas and a Prosperous New Year!



Avoiding Phishing - Our 10 Point Checklist

13 Dec 2010

We would like to reiterate the concerns of the National Consumer Association when they noted the increase in telephone scams, with apparent representatives of Microsoft calling up and saying there is a virus on your PC / Laptop / Mobile device. There is no way Microsoft or any other company can possibly track infections on computers, unless they themselves have infected your computer. Please always follow our checklist when it comes to phishing:


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