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Search Engines - The Frequently Asked Questions

09 May 2010

Every so often we get asked complicated questions about search engine submission conditions and how search engines decide what to index, and what to not. We decided to compile a Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) article on some of the most common questions and practical answers. Here are the answers you may have been looking for:


Fighting Fit With New Client

03 May 2010

We are very proud to promote our recent work with Ben Dunne Health and Fitness / Ben Dunne Gyms:

Ben Dunne Gyms -

It is a work in progress but certainly it is an excellent website for anyone looking for the latest information on Ben Dunne Gyms.

For More information of how to get your business online, contact us:

086 1780 743 or This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it


Google Adwords Scam Threatens All Google Users

12 Apr 2010

Have you received this email?, check the URL of the links contained within, if they do not point exactly to (and then followed by the relative link after the delete the email immediately or report it to Google if possible.

Do not visit the site, and do NOT login to your account at this or similar non sites.

Read below to find out more about the risks.



Revenue Ireland Email Scams

12 Mar 2010

Reposted from:

Warning: Further Email Scam

The Revenue Commissioners have today (10/03/10) warned of another fraudulent email purporting to come from Revenue seeking personal information from taxpayers in connection with a tax refund. This phishing email is headed "Revenue Irish Tax & Customs" advising recipients that "you are eligible to receive a tax refund of 734.21 euro" and links to a convincing reproduction of the website. This is a repeat of the phishing scam of 24/02/2010.

Recipients are asked to submit personal details including date of birth and debit/credit card details. This email, which is the latest in a succession of scams targeting Irish taxpayers, did not issue from Revenue.

The Revenue Commissioners never send emails which require customers to send personal information via email or pop-up windows.

Anyone who receives an email purporting to be from Revenue and suspects it to be fraudulent or a scam should simply delete it. Anyone who is actually awaiting a tax refund should contact their local Revenue Office to check its status.

Anyone who provided personal information in response to these fraudulent emails should contact their bank or credit card company immediately.

Please see our Security warning ( for further information.



Hosting - Avoid The First Timer Pitfalls

10 Mar 2010

This week I was approached by a company that offered me hosting for an all in price of $10 a year. On the surface, their offer appeared to tick all the boxes. It offered the same bandwidth as my current supplier (which happens to be one of our two chosen client suppliers), twice the storage space and dedicated business hours support. Of course, nothing is ever that simple when it comes to a service. To help both our clients see the benefits of using our hosts, and also allow everything to avoid the potential pitfalls of hosting, that many hosting companies don't want you to know about, we have compiled our very own "Quick Start Guide" to the world of picking a hosting supplier.


Hospitality Expo 2010

09 Mar 2010

Today I went along to the Hospitality Expo 2010 in the RDS ( It is on again tomorrow (Wens) in case you are interested in going along.

There was some really interesting new products for managing hotel and bar/club experiences. From new booking systems to bulk text messaging systems, all for very reasonable rates, it is obvious that there is plenty of enterprising individuals out there. - A Roadmap For Future Government Sites

22 Feb 2010

Finally a government website that meets our approval!

A big bravo to the website team who won this years eGovernment Overall Ireland award on the 19th of this month. Having seen the website, and helped someone through the process I was really impressed.

You can visit the website online at:

Related article:


Is Your IT and Online Security Foolproof

11 Feb 2010

When you turn off the lights at night in your workplace, do you worry about your husiness being robbed? - If so, imagine it happening right before your eyes in broad daylight.

When you don't put proper steps in place to prevent data fraud, that is exactly what happens. What's worse is that it can happen in the middle of the day, without you knowing. Suddenly all your clients financial details, your secure files and even your employees confidential data, stored on your servers and computers could be in the public domain - and if you haven't tried your best to keep everything as secure as possible and things go wrong, you could be facing prosecution.


Organic Online Marketing Works Better

11 Feb 2010

When it comes to Online Marketing, conducting organic search engine optimisation will always win over paying for listings. Any online advertising company will argue that most people click the first results on a page, those often come from advertising on search results. The postion of these ads is normally above standard or "organic" results, those earnt by hard graft...


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