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Communication is Key

28 Dec 2011

A client of mine recently asked me how they could reduce costs involved in updating their website. I examined all the facts and then asked them if they wanted to know the truth?


Putting A Value On Web Work

20 Dec 2011

Now it's the end of 2011, it is a good time to reflect on the year in business online. There have been great developments with companies like Facebook looking towards having a $5 billion income this year, and several Irish companies including looking to cash in on the next wave of social interaction with the internet, by offering something more to people.


Synchronise Files Across Multiple Devices

14 Nov 2011

We are all focused on becoming more efficient these days, and technology can both speed things up and slow us down. For a long time, sharing files between multiple computers, or several people in an organisation has been one of lifes experiences best forgotten.


Blocking Websites - First Hand Experience

01 Jul 2011

We are all guilty of it, browsing around aimlessly for hours without any real benefit to our company, organisation or even, in earlier days, our school or college work, however this can all change, and leading from the top seems to be the way forward.



Why Do Website Professionals...

25 May 2011

This is something I have been thinking about for quite a while, as a degree student of business management (and enterprise) and a website developer - why do Web Professionals act in certain ways, and what effect does this have on their clients, other suppliers and the perception of the industry as a whole. Some of my thoughts, although controversial to some, follow.



Online Purchases - Leverage Dangers

13 Apr 2011

Buying online is great, and offers great value at times. It can also offer awful value at other times, when shopping abroad. Why is this, and why can something cost twice as much in the US one week, in comparison to the next? Let us explore and explain to save you several financial headaches.


Upswing In Online Marketing Spends

16 Feb 2011

Just a quick blog post to mention that we are seeing a massive upswing in online marketing spends. This seems to be due to the lack of budgets for offline spends in traditional advertising. From asking several of our clients, we have received the following comments, hopefully they will be of use to others in the industry:


Happy Christmas From Smith and Wise

22 Dec 2010

If you didn't already get our Christmas e-Card, here is is below.

Hope you all have a very Merry Christmas and a Prosperous New Year!



Snow - Managing Crisis - The Correct Way

04 Dec 2010

When you think of snow, a variety of thoughts come to mind. From the disadvantages of losing employee time and potential income, to the advantages of freeing up some well needed time to focus on core business tasks, like accounting, planning, or even tidying the office. However this is not all businesses should focus on during cold snaps.


Hospitality Expo 2010

09 Mar 2010

Today I went along to the Hospitality Expo 2010 in the RDS ( It is on again tomorrow (Wens) in case you are interested in going along.

There was some really interesting new products for managing hotel and bar/club experiences. From new booking systems to bulk text messaging systems, all for very reasonable rates, it is obvious that there is plenty of enterprising individuals out there.