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Hosting Servers Domains

Your Domain Is Safe - 10 Year Price Guarantee

07 Mar 2012

Hosting Servers Domains | Smith and Wise | Website Development - Online Marketing - Creative Agency

Renew your domain names now for up to 10 years, and avoid international price inflation, and worrying about losing your domain, as well as saving some money along the way. Payments are made in full, not held, so it means once paid, your domain is secured for as long as you’ve paid for.


Host A Website - For Free

11 Jul 2011

I get asked a lot by friends and family members how to cheaply setup and run self build websites. It's not always the easiest thing to explain that hosting does cost cold, hard, cash, normally at least €50 a year, then you need to add on €10-€30 a year for a domain name to go on top of that. However, there is a cheaper, simple way to get around atleast the hosting costs.


Picking The Right Video Host

25 Nov 2010

When you want to put a video up on your site, what is the best option? - It all really depends on what you want your video to do, it's content and how professional you want things to look. Below are some options Smith and Wise recommends.



Hosting - Avoid The First Timer Pitfalls

10 Mar 2010

This week I was approached by a company that offered me hosting for an all in price of $10 a year. On the surface, their offer appeared to tick all the boxes. It offered the same bandwidth as my current supplier (which happens to be one of our two chosen client suppliers), twice the storage space and dedicated business hours support. Of course, nothing is ever that simple when it comes to a service. To help both our clients see the benefits of using our hosts, and also allow everything to avoid the potential pitfalls of hosting, that many hosting companies don't want you to know about, we have compiled our very own "Quick Start Guide" to the world of picking a hosting supplier.