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Special Offer - Google Analytics Installed On
Any Website For Only €149.99*

Online Analytics & Ad Monitoring

When it comes to knowing what your business is doing online, Analytical software is a great meter. There are many differ cent types of analytical software, including independent and same hosting solutions. Each one has its own merits, but most importantly, each can help evaluate how your business is performing online. Below is a guide to the types of analytics Smith and Wise typically uses.


Google Analytics

By far the most influential analytics software of the modern internet era is Google Analytics, capable of monitoring visitor trends including locations as accurate as Dublin City, Bray, Kilkenny City, Mallow, Letterkenny, Athlone, etc it is a valuable tool to find out where people are viewing your website from, and in turn, what they are looking for on your website. When integrated with webmaster tools and other Google tools, SEO suddenly becomes seamless with accessibility and traffic monitoring. Smith and Wise installs Google Analytics with all of our website deployments, non developed deployments start at €300.

  • Find out about Google Analytics features here.

  • Special Offer - Google Analytics Installed On Any Website For Only €149.99* - call Byron on 086 1780 743 / for more information.*


Unlike Google Analytics, AWStats is far more about raw statistics. The main advantage of AWStats over Google Analytics is that it is based on your own hosting package (if purchased through Smith and Wise). By being self hosted, it ensures it always logs 100% of traffic, and raw file size and bandwidth usage. AWStats is a far more techie piece of software, but really valuable for maintaining a firm hosting platform for your website.


Social Network Analytics

Of the three social networking tools we really pioneer, Twitter , YouTube and Facebook, the latter two contain full analytical features to allow you to monitor how visitors are using your networking content and profiles. This can become particularly useful when you want to decide how much resources, both monetary and work hours you want to dedicate to promotion using social networking.


Analytics – Bringing It All Together

Analytics is all about monitoring. Social Networking solutions will send out emails, as will Google Analytics. AWStats should be reviewed every few months, or whenever visitor numbers spike in Google Analytics. When reports are received by email, or viewed online, questions should be asked as to how effective search engine optimisation, efforts to improve content and accessibility have been.


Contact Smith and Wise about our Online Analytics products and training services.

If you think your company really should know what’s going on, online or just want a chat about online analytics, please feel free to drop us an email at or call us on 086 1780 743 to talk to us about your requirements. We answer every email, guaranteed.


* Terms and Conditions apply, qualifying websites must have a CMS, Template, or other includes based system to include Google Analytics code centrally (or be a site with under 25 static pages). Includes emailed PDF's to up to 5 persons weekly with website traffic statistics.