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Online Marketing

Google AdWords - Getting The Top Result

08 Aug 2012

There is a lot of talk of Google AdWords. Some swear by it, others say it is throwing money away and doesn't work. The truth is, it does work, it just depends on what sort of business you are in. One thing that can be said about Google AdWords is that it nearly always provides a major return on investment (ROI) when setup and  administrated properly.


Facebook Marketing - Getting The Balance Right

18 May 2011

I keep on getting asked whether people should bring their business onto Facebook, and if it will actually work - both difficult questions to answer - both almost impossible to provide previous proof for.



Online Gambling - The End?

20 Apr 2011

Ok, a little over the top, but certainly the fall of sites including Full Tilt Poker, an employer-in-kind of 700 people in Cherrywood, Dublin is currently under investigation by the FBI in the US for failing to pay taxes, money laundering, bank fraud and god knows what else.



Email Marketing

07 Mar 2011

Email marketing can be a confusing thing for those not in the know - something we just figured out by going it alone. Most agencies tend to outsource their email marketing solutions - it is a lot more expensive, but does save a lot of time. There are, however, limitations to such solutions, including data protection and the retention of rights to use content.


Email Marketing - Really Good Examples

21 Sep 2010

We all see email marketing everyday, in our inboxes. Sometimes they arrive early in the morning, sometimes later in the day. Some are big and full of content, some are small and straight to the point. The most important thing about email marketing is to ensure they serve the purpose that were sent for: Publicity, Marketing and Communication.


Tourism Reputation Management

16 Jun 2010

When you go on holidays, what are the things you expect? - These expectations can often lead to great disappointment when they are not met by the place where you are staying, or an attraction you are visiting.



Organic Online Marketing Works Better

11 Feb 2010

When it comes to Online Marketing, conducting organic search engine optimisation will always win over paying for listings. Any online advertising company will argue that most people click the first results on a page, those often come from advertising on search results. The postion of these ads is normally above standard or "organic" results, those earnt by hard graft...