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Google Analytics - Features Breakdown

14 Jan 2012

Google Analytics enables you to monitor who is visiting your website and see what they are using your website for, in turn, that helps companies like Smith and Wise to optimise you site for sales by developing website content, re-ordering features and speeding up important elements of your site so they are accessible across multiple formats, including desktop and mobile browsers.


New Client: - Gough Bros

05 Jan 2012

Smith and Wise is proud to launch the new Gough Bros website, Gough Bros is Ireland's top supplier of car wash solutions and products. Our work included a complete redesign, content management system integration and graphic design, as well as online marketing and product listings. Check out the new Gough Bros website here.


Online Shopping - We're Open For Your Business

05 Oct 2011

Yippee! We have a new online shopping solution called Shopify now.

Check out to see what we can do!

Alternatively, click here to find out more.


How Much Does A Website Cost

16 Jun 2011

The most painful of all websites with clients is "How Much Does A Website Cost" - there never seems to be a fair answer, for either party. Often website designers are forced into a corner of, well I only have X amount, what can you do - our answers are never thought inspiring - but we do try our best.



2010 Awards - And Predictions...

06 Dec 2010

It's nearing the end of 2010, and not that we have much sway in the Irish Market, but I would personally like to put forward my favourite sites of 2010 - from a design / management / development point of view, and a few short predictions for 2011. Comment and let me know if you agree!



Are Website Designers Redundant?

15 Oct 2010

This a phrase which has been doing the rounds for a lot longer than you might think. Even in the late 1990's software was claiming that the website designers days were over. It is true that there is software which will build your website, which is good for small side projects, or a start-up business with no current presence, however there is more to web design than meets the eye...


HTML 5 - What It Means

21 Sep 2010

Ther has been a lot of talk of HTML 5 and it's rollout. Hailed as the next big thing of website development, and as the thing which will finally open up web code to the masses, but what does it really mean for the average internet user, and non-techie website owner?


Joomla 1.6 Beta Released

28 May 2010

Anyone in the know in website development circles will know how important it is for website content management systems to continuously evolve.

In the case of Smith and Wise we develop websites on four different scales, 1). Small Holding / Under 10 pages sites, 2). Small Content Management System backed sites, 3). E-Commerce Websites based on Content Management Systems and finally, 4). Full blown Online Community and Social Networking type websites. The later three options rely strongly on our knowledge of content management systems, of which, we tend to choose Joomla for most of our work due to it's stability and expandability. So with this in mind, when we heard there was a new release of Joomla (Joomla 1.6) we had to get our hands on the BETA testing copy!

We are just installing it now, but when we get our head around it, will be report back with the results, however we don't expect to develop specifically for Joomla 1.6 until at least November of this year, and all our current CMS websites should be supported until Q3 2011, or upgraded for free before then if required.

To find out more, just click read more! - A Roadmap For Future Government Sites

22 Feb 2010

Finally a government website that meets our approval!

A big bravo to the website team who won this years eGovernment Overall Ireland award on the 19th of this month. Having seen the website, and helped someone through the process I was really impressed.

You can visit the website online at:

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