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Website Development

Website development is a lot more than what you see on the surface. A well developed website will be well designed, easy to use, meet international (W3C) standards guidelines, will be easy to find in search engines, and will match the budget involved. This is Smith and Wises’ understanding of good website development and it seems to work.

Please feel free to drop us an email at or call us on 086 1780 743 to talk to us about your requirements. We answer every email, guaranteed.


Why Not Just Focus On The Visual?

In the past, focusing solely on the visual elements of developing a website was commonplace. However, since 2003 or so, the profile of how users get to websites dramatically shifted. People mainly began to use Search Engines, like Google or Yahoo to search for websites, even if they knew the website address. Poorly developed websites won’t rank in search engines, hazardous websites may be blacklisted totally, which means users won’t find your website. This normally occurs when someone with little or no knowledge develops a website which has potentially malicious mark-up, normally unintentionally, or doesn’t bother with simple things, like include META Tags, which describe and title the website they are building. Smith and Wise was one of the first firms in Ireland to properly start a policy of not leaving a single website leave our agency without containing full META Tags, and being validated by W3C to, at the very least, a standard where code is secure, and optimised.

In conclusion the easiest way to create a useless website, which may even damage your online reputation, is to solely focus on visuals – Smith and Wise has always avoided doing this.


Budget, Smith and Wise or Traditional Agency?

We are often asked what is the real difference between budget website design suppliers and Smith and Wise. The answer is fairly logical when explained, budget suppliers use templates and low cost hosting solutions, which means your website is generic, and probably will suffer a certain amount of downtime, and virtually no customer support in many cases. Smith and Wise always develops bespoke websites, with individual designs. Our hosting is 100% Irish based unless our clients wish otherwise. The difference between budget companies is obvious, the difference between traditional firms and Smith and Wise is even easier to explain – we are usually 30-80% cheaper due to the way we operate!


Core Aims, Supplemented By Useful & Ingenious Extras

Many website development companies will often try to push aside client’s wishes to make life easier for themselves. This is often done by wooing clients into choosing gimmicky, rather than useful extra features. In the worst case scenarios of new clients we have seen, their previous suppliers have not only degraded the website experience for potential customers, but also damaged their client’s brands.

Smith and Wise are totally different in this sense. We develop websites around our clients budget, design a concept around their aims and ideals and finish it all off with extras which add to a website, not substitutes needed and desired concepts and content.


Contact Smith and Wise about Our Website Development services

Please feel free to drop us an email at or call us on 086 1780 743 to talk to us about your requirements. We answer every email, guaranteed.